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Developing novel disruptive technologies to overcome one of the main constraints on photosynthetic efficiency: photorespiration.


Develop approaches to increase in a sustainable way integrated crop- livestock production while benefiting soil resilience to stress and climate change.


Demonstrate large-scale miscanthus and hemp production on land with low productivity, contaminated soil or which has been abandoned.


Exploit natural variation in core elements of photosynthesis to identify and develop new genetic resources and support tools.


Improve the photosynthetic performance and productivity of two essential C3 crops: potatoes and rice.

3 TO 4

Understand the roles and development of the two cell types (mesophyll and bundle sheath) in C4 plants.

Organisations & Associations


Increasing global crop productivity without any loss of nutritional quality to achieve full Food Security and to satisfy the nutritional aspects of a healthy diet.


LGCA is the Lombardy regional cluster reference point for the bioeconomy and sustainable chemistry. LGCA involves all stakeholders in bioeconomy development through the promotion of meetings and opportunities and as interlocutor for regional, national and EU efforts to define policies and initiatives to support innovation, competitiveness and the bioeconomy.


Italian Seed Association, is a trade organization that represents the seed industry at national level. 


Represents the interests of those active in research, breeding, production and marketing of seeds of agricultural species. 

T S K - Technical Service Kuehn

Consultancy, cultivation and utilization of renewable raw materials (Miscanthus, SIDA, KUP). Development and construction of machines for the material preparation and processing of renewable resources.

Copa Cogeca

Copa and Cogeca group farmers and agri-cooperatives in the EU. It represents over 22 million European farmers. 

ACU Association of Consumers and Users

ACU is an independent, non-profit consumer association with over 100,000 members throughout Italy. 


ICARDA is an international organization that for over four decades undertakes research-for-development to provide innovative, science-based agricultural solutions that improve the livelihoods resilience of rural dryland communities.

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